“Picking what I love the best is virtually impossible, I love everything – kitchen island, hall feature, fireplace, Gabriella couch, rug, kitchen layout, beautiful floors, Alabaster walls, window seat in Molly’s room, hall cupboard, positioning of the artwork, sideboard, everything!

My favourite moment would have to be the art installation day! Having Liv, Janice, Molly and the Picture Hanging team here was so much fun.  Absolutely loved it.

Loved working with Janice and Liv.  Janice is so positive, caring and creative.  She has the gift of vision and I loved the way she deigned so perfectly for our lifestyle and what was important for us but at the same time moved us out of our comfort zone. She made all the decisions easy to make and that’s exactly what we needed.  Despite the challenges along the way Janice was always available to help, comment, troubleshoot and that was incredibly reassuring.  Absolutely love the final look!” 

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